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Tips For Moving House

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If you are planning a move, remember that there are many ways to go green. These are our best tips for moving house.

Our lifestyle generates a lot of waste. Those facts are most apparent when you’re packing for a move. This year, more than 1 million Australians will pack their belongings and move on.

If you are one of them, remember to keep an eye out for Mother Earth in the process when considering these Tips and Suggestions for Environmental Moves, or if you are short on time, our Pokhara Removals can help!


One man’s trash is another’s treasure


Dispose of unused/unwanted items. It’s often tempting to go the easy way and just throw it away in the cleaning or just in the trash. Your old speakers, barbecue, and those tight clothes that no longer fit you could be treasures for a bargain-hunting yard sale buyer or a local charity, or even friends and family, rather than adding to a landfill.


Don’t be a Hazard!


When hiring a professional, it is important to remember that certain items cannot be transported because they pose a hazard. And if the professionals don’t want or can’t move them, you may not want to either. Dangerous items are those that are flammable, corrosive, or explosive. Such items include fertilizers, car batteries, gas bottles, liquid bleach, ammunition, and paints.

Remember the environment when disposing of hazardous materials. Some municipalities schedule hazardous materials disposal, Clean-up Days, and local suppliers of these materials must also offer disposal services.


Consume, Perish, or Donate?


Try to plan your food purchases in the weeks before your move so you don’t end up with too many perishable items. Pokhara Removals can’t move perishable items, and if you’re doing the move yourself, you probably won’t want to bother with them either. But even the best-designed plans will result in a few extra items in the fridge and freezer, so plan ahead, especially for those longer-distance moves.

Grab an esky, ice packs, and prepare food the night before if you have energy, or give it to a close neighbor. And if you don’t want to pack and move dozens of cans and perishable goods, donate them to your local food shelter or charity, i.e. The Salvos.


Salvation Army


Getting Ready for the Move


What do you need to prepare while moving? Here are the Tips For Moving House that no one will mention you while moving.



  •     Prepare a simple breakfast for the next morning.
  •     Make sure you have payment ready for your mover.
  •     Make sure Pokhara Removals Moves has the correct address.
  •     Have an early night’s sleep!



  •     GET KEYS TOGETHER and put them in a safe spot.
  •     Show our movers around.
  •     Check rooms one last time. Remember closets, cupboards, and garage!
  •     Make sure you have the keys to your new home, so you don’t delay your move.


If possible, investigate, ahead of what type of recycling, yard waste, and trash service is available. That way you won’t have lots of waste sitting at your curb or in your garage or shed for several days, weeks on end, year after year.


tips for moving house


Checklist for Moving

Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful. Our handy checklist covers everything you need to remember when you relocate.

  •     Go to your local Post Office for your mail redirection forms for your new address. This will give you the peace of mind that your letters will find you no matter where you move. (Tip) If your move is temporary, organize a PO BOX instead, at a suburb convenient to you.
  •     Contact your Banks, Insurance Company, Utilities, Schools, Subscriptions, Health Care Providers, and most importantly friends and family.
  •     Look around your home and make ruthless decisions about what is to make the new journey with you and what you are able to live without.
  •     Contact POKHARA REMOVALS online at or phone 0450696823 for a free estimation or fixed quote for peace of mind. 
  •     Ask about our special Door to Door Rates.
  •     Order your boxes, markers, packing tape, and paper from POKHARA REMOVALS.
  •     Make arrangements for cleaning and or packing. Call our Home Sweet Home Packing Services.
  •     Ensure adequate parking is available for the truck on moving day. This is the client’s responsibility; therefore parking fines are charged to you!
  •     Please make sure you purchase Moving Insurance if you have valuable antiques and collections.
  •     Plan what goes in your car with you. Toys, games, special breakable items or collectibles, change of clothes, toiletries, 1st Aid Kit, food kit; including water, fruit, bread, and of course the Kettle, Tea & Coffee with milk powder sachets.
  •     Don’t forget the mugs and cups.
  •     Have your car serviced in preparation for longer moves.


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